Organizing The Blog

One of the little things that bother me is the the word “categorized”. It screams out for cleaning, for updating, for fixing. But so often when I sit down to write down the global categories and cloud of tags that will serve as teh outline and backbone of a long term project I think…

nothing, total blank

So I have developed a strategy for this. I wait, twitchily, but wait and see what develops. After a few posts I go and look over the direction that things are going in and then try to document those global directions. These big directions, they are the categories. Big containers that hold the concepts we want to discus.

The smaller bits that are buried within the posts, they get tags so that we can find those things again, breadcrumbs if you will. These I steal from others. My first swipe at tags for this blog come from Carnegie Mellon Site here.



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2 responses to “Organizing The Blog

  1. Anthony Marziliano

    ‘Categories’ tend to be a tricky item. I definitely think we could use a glossary type document to use internally, and the Carnegie Mellon site may be a great starting place. It would also be something really useful to incorporate into a handbook.

    • lapang2

      A glossary would be a great way to keep track of assessment terms and concisely define ideas related to assessment that may not be clear. It could function as a reference for faculty and administrators within our office and throughout the College.

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