Research Project

The Office of Assessment is beginning a research project that focuses on faculty perception regarding the culture of assessment within the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences.  A survey will be distributed to the faculty that contains a set of questions accompanied by a Likert scale that establish a baseline for the assessment culture within the college.  The survey will be distributed to faculty electronically using Survey Monkey and will also be available in a paper based format.  The next step will be to implement some type of change that will strengthen the culture of assessment within the college.  It will then be necessary to survey the faculty once again to determine if the change has been effective.  Any ideas regarding what type of change could be implemented? 



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3 responses to “Research Project

  1. Anthony Marziliano

    It really will all depend on what we hear back from faculty. From my perspective, we could definitely increase the transparency of the assessment process within the College, and make more faculty members aware of what we do. One likely change would be pretty simple: making assessment more visible to all stakeholders.

    • Gina LaPan

      There may also be an increase in faculty interest regarding assessment if it became more transparent.

      • Anthony Marziliano

        It’s possible. I think some faculty members definitely want to see assessment in the forefront of education. There are still those that are afraid of it. Either way, I do think that transparency has to be the first step toward increasing interest. If stakeholders cannot see what we do, it’s impossible for them to truly be on board.

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