Culture of Assessment Survey

The Culture of Assessment Survey was recently closed so the Office of Assessment has begun to analyze the findings.  It seems that the majority of the faculty are willing to participate in assessment activities and feel that the college leadership provides support and interest in assessment.  The overall assessment plan appears to be understood and there has been an improvement in access to assessment data.  There does seem to be a lack of knowledge among faculty regarding student knowledge as well as involvement in the assessment process.  It is a current goal of the Assessment Office to improve communication between professors and students regarding assessment.  The survey shows that the college’s Scantron system is believed to be very helpful and effective.  The faculty responded positively that the responsibilities of the Office of Assessment and the Committee on Assessment and Outcomes are clearly defined.  Many faculty members feel that there are efforts being made to minimize the burden associated with assessment, but are neutral toward whether or not their assessment efforts are recognized or rewarded.  Nearly half (48%) of faculty feel that the results of assessment initiatives including surveys are used effectively while 37% of faculty members have neutral feelings regarding this topic.  The majority (64%) of faculty strongly agree or agree that there is a focus and strong value placed on teaching and learning about assessment within the college.


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