Assessment Campaign – Health Sciences Program

We have been striving for a better response rate on our didactic surveys that are sent out through survey monkey.

As a team – can we discuss the idea of starting an assessment campaign here at the Bartilucci center. We can create posters and hang them up in the classrooms and hall ways promoting the surveys – sponser a lunch for the students to learn more about the surveys that are distributed from our office. (these are some ideas)

Most of the surveys are sent out to the Physician Assistant students at this time – but in the near future, Rad Sci and CLS will be joining on and I think it’s important to involve all of the students here in understanding the importance of their feedback.

From a professional stand point, they will be moving into careers that are subject to patient satisfaction surveys regarding their performance on a blind basis, some of the students on rotations already come back and say how they now understand how important the data from a survey can be, and how it can make a difference.

heres an idea:
NSS Poster

Thanks – Pam



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4 responses to “Assessment Campaign – Health Sciences Program

  1. Anthony Marziliano

    This is definitely something to think about… There are so many avenues we can go down to attempt to increase survey response rates. Are there any other ideas we have beside posters and signs? Maybe town-hall meetings or workshops for students regarding assessment?

  2. Pamela Sardo

    The workshops would be a great start – we would have to offer a few different time slots as the students from all three programs have varying classroom and rotation schedules.

  3. Gina LaPan

    An assessment campaign at the Bartilucci center is a great idea! Posters would be a great initial way to raise awareness about assessment. It seems that the next step would be to run workshops to get students involved even further.

  4. Pamela Sardo

    Update “Assessment Campaign – Health Sciences Program” 2/22/2013

    This morning I met with all three program directors and discussed our idea for an “assessment campaign” for the students at the Bartilucci Center.

    The key points we discussed were:

    * Creating a workshop that is interactive with Q&A, possible clickers to go along with our presentation, engaging & of course fun (because assessment is fun!)

    *Create a presentation that is led by the Office of Assessment

    * Have the workshop that is mixed with students from all three programs; each of the program directors have a short “blurb” in this workshop. They will reflect on “inter-professional”, importance of surveys in the long term (professional evaluation; i.e. patient experience) I picture creating a Venn diagram that describes this further (we can discuss..)

    * The workshops can be one hour long during a lunch hour. We can buy pizza and soft drinks.

    * Coordinate logistics of when we should offer the workshops. We will need to target the students that are currently in their didactic year and then clinical year.

    * Begin to work on posters and visuals to put around the building leading up to the workshop to reflect the purpose of this campaign, and the supporting role of the Office of Assessment.

    First, let’s start with Phase I – We need to discuss logistics & scheduling

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