Assessment from Bartilucci Center

Alumni Surveys – Discuss with Program Directors the average time an Alumni survey should be open, (accreditation standards)

Public Health – Reviewed Scantron with Program Director

Pharmacy – Discussed graduate exit surveys with Dean Zito. Contacted the three students of this calendar year that have defended. F/U needed

Note: I was reading earlier blog posts and wanted to say that I am taking online Coursera classes now and it has been a great experience. I would support the idea of taking an Assessment driven course on Coursera.



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6 responses to “Assessment from Bartilucci Center

  1. Anthony Marziliano

    Going forward, graduate exit interviews will be a team effort driven by the Office of Assessment. Dr. Konecsni will provide us with the list and contact information of those students that have defended or are scheduled to defend. We will then contact those students and schedule them for a one-on-one interview with a faculty member. Ms. Sardo will assist in organizing this effort.

  2. Gina LaPan

    It would be beneficial for the Office of Assessment to look into taking an online course that covers assessment topics or statistics. It would be helpful in many of our research projects to become more familiar with various statistical analyses. Have you come across any relevant courses through Coursera?

  3. Anthony Marziliano

    I was thinking more of statistics…
    This may be a good one… an introduction to statistics course would be a logical place to start I think. While we may know many concepts, we could all use a refresher and base of statistics knowledge.

  4. Gina LaPan

    I agree! This seems like a useful introduction to statistics course.

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