Graduate Student Exit Interviews

Every year, we ask our PharmD graduates to complete exit interviews before graduation. These exit interviews serve to give us a student perspective on what our Pharmacy students think about the College, their program, the curriculum and the overall experience. We ask them questions based on the three major components of their education here: didactic, laboratory and experiential. Faculty volunteers conduct these interviews and report their findings to the Office of Assessment. We then compile the data, and present it to the Committee on Assessment and Outcomes.

A new initiative this year, will be the process of conducting exit interviews to graduating MS and PhD students. As MS and PhD students finish at various times, and don’t have nearly as set of a schedule as PharmD students, it becomes difficult to organize the process of exit interviews. This year, the Office of Assessment has taken on the task of tracking down students that are defending and scheduling them for one-on-one interviews with faculty. The hope is that these students show an interest in giving us their opinion of the program by sitting for an interview before they leave us.

As we begin the process of scheduling these May graduates, our next task will be to come to a consensus on questions for the graduate exit interviews. What do we ask these students? Do we stick with the same basic questions that we ask of our PharmD graduates (strengths, weaknesses, general comments)? Or do we go deeper, and ask questions more specifically related to graduate education and how we can foster it within our College?



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2 responses to “Graduate Student Exit Interviews

  1. Gina LaPan

    It would probably make sense to ask graduate students the same basic questions as the PharmD graduates then move on to specific questions related to graduate education. This would provide answers that can be compared to PharmD responses yet yield a unique set of data.

  2. Pamela Sardo

    I agree, Gina – I can also provide the questions that are offered here for Health Sciences program to review if we are looking to add anything new.

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