Journal Club for Assessment

Good Morning Assessment Team!

How about we start our own Assessment Journal Club on our blog! This can be a great forum to begin posting articles that are relevant to our field. We can drive our discussion points to stimulate new ideas, evaluate new research and keep abreast of current trends.

Here is my first submission:

I will also attach an article that is from 2004 titled:
“Addressing Key Challenges of Higher Education Assessment”

Assessment Article I

Look forward to reading your posts.

Have a great day team!



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2 responses to “Journal Club for Assessment

  1. Anthony Marziliano

    Great idea! let’s try to make this a weekly thing (or as often as we find articles related to our field).

  2. Gina LaPan

    I definitely agree! The Journal Club is a great way to encourage discussion. These two articles discuss many of the challenges that this Office of Assessment encounters such as budgetary restrictions, working to increase faculty involvement, choosing the most effective assessment measures and how to best use the collected data. It is particularly interesting to note in the article by Shipman, Aloi and Jones the recommendations for faculty incentives like grants and release time from teaching. Can any of these be applied to the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences?

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