Our Culture of Assessment Progress with Students

We are currently in the throes of rolling out several parts of our ongoing efforts to improve our culture of assessment within the College in terms of student involvement. As we are moving forward with each of the following parts of this process, I think we are starting to see a bit of a light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully, students will begin to not only understand assessment, but embrace it.

1. Culture Surveys – We are now rolling out Step 2 of our Culture of Assessment Surveys. First, we interviewed faculty on the culture of assessment, and found that faculty were simply unaware of the student body’s understanding and thoughts on assessment. Because of this, we decided to survey all students in the College on the assessment culture. This survey is currently running, and hopefully, we can garner some ideas concerning the best ways to improve the assessment process, and what students think about it.

2. Assessment Workshops – We are having our first Assessment Workshop for students next week. The first workshop will be only for Physician Assistant, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Radiologic Sciences majors. Focusing on only these programs and how assessment fits in, the Office of Assessment along with the appropriate program directors will discuss with students what we are doing in assessment and what we are planning to do next in regard to their programs.

3. An Assessment Campaign – We are creating posters to be put up in our College’s two locations, in an effort to draw student attention to the assessment process. Our goal remains at this point, to make them aware that we need their help when it comes to feedback and surveys. The short term goal of this process is overall higher survey response rates, while the more long-term goal is fostering the culture.

We are hopeful that the assessment culture will continue to grow, and that these three ideas currently being rolled out will help. There are many more things that can be done, and several in  the conversation now. Hopefully, we can become more involved in this area, and bring students further into the fold. The idea is that by the time they get here:


…they will have not only participated in our Assessment practices, but will have embraced the process as intrinsic to not only our success, but their professional development as well.


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One response to “Our Culture of Assessment Progress with Students

  1. Gina LaPan

    It will be interesting to see how students respond to the assessment workshop that is being held next week. There will hopefully be a large turnout of students who will convey the importance of assessment to their peers.

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