Assessment Workshop at the Bartilucci Center

The first Assessment workshop (take a look at the presentation)  took place yesterday at the Bartilucci Center.  This workshop was presented by Dr. Marc Gillespie with an audience of Physician Assistant, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Radiologic Sciences majors.  The presentation was primarily concerned with conveying the assessment structure of the college, how students can become involved in assessment, and the power of assessment in students’ lives.  It is important to convey to students how assessment initiatives will not only impact their current lives as students but will continue to be important after graduation. It is partly through exit interviews and other assessments that the reputation and strength of the college is maintained.  The directors of each program also spoke and conveyed to students how assessment is involved in their specific program.

The Office of Assessment is in the process of sending a survey to students in order to gauge their reaction to the workshop.  This survey will hopefully show that students were engaged in the presentation and learned more about the assessment process as a result.  The Office of Assessment is also hoping to gain information that will improve the content and delivery of the presentation for the future.


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