PharmD and Graduate Student Exit Interviews

The Office of Assessment is currently planning and running two sets of exit interviews for the class of 2013.

  • PharmD exit interviews are completed every April with our graduating Pharmacy class. All Pharmacy students complete interviews in small focus groups with a faculty member that asks questions on one of three areas of our program (Laboratory, Didactic or Experiential). This yearly process is scheduled for April 26th and 29th this year. Every year, we compile and provide this data to the Assessment Committee. In turn, the committee uses this information to affect positive change in the College. This process has become increasingly important as the years have gone on.
  • In 2013, we have implemented a new process of conducting exit interviews with graduating Graduate students (Masters and PhD). The process is ongoing and will run into June of 2013. Ideally, this will be a continuous process every year, as students graduate at different times. Once competency exams are passed (for masters students) or students defend successfully (PhD students), we have them interview with a faculty member one-on-one to gauge their opinion on the program. As we’ve learned through PharmD exit interviews, this process is essential. We currently have completed interviews with 7 January graduates and 1 May graduate. 6 more students are scheduled for the next several weeks.

This data is collected and compiled by the Office of Assessment over the summer, and provided to the Committee on Assessment and Outcomes in the beginning of the following academic year.


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