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Assessment and Student Engagement

One of the real take-home messages from both our Faculty and Student Culture of Assessment Surveys was that students seem to be relatively unaware of the assessment process in our College. In response to this, we have taken several steps to begin crossing that bridge, and getting students more ‘in-the-know’ when it comes to what we are doing in the assessment realm.

As part of this, and as blogged about in March, we held an Assessment workshop at the Bartilucci Center. This workshop was a good first step in our workshop series, and will be leading to further assessment workshops to be held on the Queens campus in the Fall semester. These workshops will change and take-shape in accordance with student questions and concerns as garnered through a follow-up survey given after the Bartilucci workshop.

The College also recently held its Annual Year-End BBQ for all students in the College. This┬ástudent-engagement event allowed students to unwind, and take part in a College-specific event that gave them opportunities to talk to faculty, administrators and other stakeholders about anything they felt needed to be discussed. Utilizing the College’s facebook page and twitter feed, and incorporating them into the BBQ and subsequent picture-posts and raffles, the Office of Assessment has been able to give students more of a sense of what we are doing, drawing attention to our communication forums. As our purpose in our College is to serve our students, the Year-End BBQ really allows us to give back, while fostering this student engagement that is so necessary.

Assessment posters have also been put up, and will continue to be posted, through St. Albert Hall and the Bartilucci Center, in an attempt to draw students in and show them just how useful their feedback is. As we’ve talked about before, this is all in an attempt to foster the culture of assessment within our College.

As we look forward, and past the ‘Culture Survey’ phase, we have moved on to the Student Engagement portion of our campaign to foster the culture of assessment within our College. We are continuing to look for new and improved ways to accomplish this feat.



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