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Assessment of MOOCs

MIT news has a nice summary piece on a good assessment of one of MITx’s massive open online courses (MOOC). You can read the summary piece here, or the original article here. Their assessment is centered around what might be called web server analysis. Though the group is still sorting through the data, they found some interesting trends in the way students use the online resources. When doing homework, students defaulted to the video of the lectures, yet when taking the exams they utilized the online textbooks.

Students who participated in the online forums where more likely to succeed at the course. The oft mentioned statistics describing the precipitous drop-off in students who start the course and actually finish did not pack the same punch when researchers took a closer look at how many students were actually taking the the course.



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Awards For Excellence In Assessment


Strange the things you come across as one hunts for information. This application was due in February, but if it is an annual award, we should definitely apply in 2014.

Award for Excellence in Assessment


“The Award for Excellence in Assessment recognizes outstanding Doctor of Pharmacy assessment programs for their progress in developing and applying evidence of outcomes as part of the ongoing evaluation and improvement of pharmacy professional education. Recipients of this award are provided with an opportunity to present their work during a special session at the AACP Annual Meeting in July of each year. Up to three awards are given and each winning applicant college/school is provided a stipend to cover the costs of registration, travel, and accommodations to attend the annual meeting.”

To look follow this link.


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