Top Ten Ways Assessment Makes Your Life Better

The Office of Assessment has been working to strengthen the culture of assessment.  This initiative involves hosting workshops for students where the Assessment team describes what is meant by assessment and explains its role within the College. The students responded to the first workshop by saying that they were interested in learning more about how assessment directly impacts their lives.  It became clear that a top ten list would be a great way to communicate this information.  A list of ten items was generated to show students how their involvement in the assessment process can make their lives better.

 Top Ten Ways That Assessment Makes Your Life Better

1. We insure that faculty and administrators hear your feedback “loud and clear”.

2. Provide Faculty with question quality metrics for scantron exams

3. Make sure that student opinions are available when funds are allocated for facility improvement.

4. Use student feedback to identify new potential elective courses.

5. Provide a forum for certification exam review.

6. Let the administration know what social events you want to see more of.

7. Identify what parts of the curriculum, need strengthening and improvement.

8. Improve grading accuracy on scantron graded exams.

9. Evaluate how new technologies work in the classroom.

10. Provide a structured means for students to track achievement through professional portfolios.


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