Institutional Transparency and Shared Resources

One of the simplest ways that we have found of keeping our stakeholders on the same page is the use of simple shared servers. These are accessed using a mechanism that administrators, faculty, and other stakeholders are very familiar with.

The resources can be browsed or actively searched, and as they are kept up to date, they represent an institutional timeline of our progress.

First, How do I connect to the shared resource?

The links have already been sent to all of our stakeholders. If you feel you should have received an email with this link but did not, please contact Anthony or Gina in the Assessment Office. Once you have the link you will need to access the drive.

Map A Network Drive In Windows 7

Map A Network Drive In Mac OSX

Okay, so you have access to the shared resource, what now?

The simplest answer here is to browse and look around. In many ways the directory structure is meant to reflect our College committee structure. This model means that you can quickly access resources by selecting years of interest and the then selecting the college committee that you are interested in.


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  1. Anthony Marziliano

    Also, please don’t forget to either post approved committee minutes to the drive in the correct directories, or send them to the Office of Assessment and we can do it for you. The more updated the drive is on a consistent basis, the better it will work.

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