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How to Build a Faculty Culture of Change

Robert Zemsky makes a case for a culture of change and what steps faculty could take to get going in How to Build a Faculty Culture of Change. We are trying to make the same changes here at SJU. It is great to read other perspectives as to how we might move forward.

Stop in and we can take you through what we want to accomplish.


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Student Travel Funding Policy

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences recently approved a new policy on student travel funding.  This policy applies to any registered students of the college who plan to attend a professional meeting or conference to support and promote their professional development.

Summary of the funding levels:

$1,000 for students who are podium speakers or national competitors

$750 for students who are first authors of a research poster

$500 for students who are leaders in the recognized student organization

$250 for any students who attend a professional conference

Student Travel Funding Policy

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