Cyclical Assessment Process

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences’ Committee on Assessment and Outcomes utilizes a built-in, cyclical assessment process throughout the year. This process allows for each program’s achievement of goals and outcomes to be analysed at some point in the academic year by the committee. Each month when the committee meets, a different program presents their ‘assessment matrix’. This matrix is a functional table, that organizes and describes the program’s goals, outcomes, measures, targets, findings and associated action plans. We have found this process to be useful, and it has turned into an organizational fundamental for our institution. We view this systematic approach to the measurement of goals and outcomes as a type of internal program review. The process itself forces us to continuously look at ourselves, and think about ways we can improve how and what we assess within our programs.

By taking a big project (analysing each programs’ goals and outcomes) and breaking it up into smaller bits, one month at a time, we have given the committee time to look at other things. This allows us to get away from having a rushed large scale review of all programs in a month or two at the end of the academic year. This ongoing programmatic review process has simply become another part of what we do, on a rolling basis, and enhanced the ‘continuous’ part of our continuous quality improvement efforts.


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