2014 Exit Interviews

The Office of Assessment recently conducted PharmD exit interviews on April 25 and 28 with the graduating Pharmacy class.  This process requires students to meet in small groups with a faculty member and discuss their experiences in the program.  Students are asked to provide three time slots that are most convenient and are scheduled on a first come, first served basis. A professor provided the Assessment Office with two sections of a scheduled class that the students were asked to attend for the interviews. The students discussed five questions that are related to the three areas of the program (Laboratory, Experiential and Didactic).  The comments and recommendations that were provided are currently being compiled. A report that includes these recommendations will be presented to the Committee on Assessment and Outcomes during the Fall semester.  The participation rate was very high this year with 212 students taking part in this process.   A response rate of 99% is the highest that the Office of Assessment has had in several years.  As part of the exit interview process students also complete the AACP survey, which is used as another assessment tool to gauge student experiences. Exit interviews continue to be an important means to include students in the assessment process. 


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