Health Sciences Assessment: Course Evaluations

Often, accrediting agencies require that programs complete course evaluations when classes end. As an alternative to the traditional course evaluations completed on paper, the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences has already implemented the use of online evaluations across a number of its health sciences programs. As the spring 2014 semester comes to a close, we have completed the transition from paper-based evaluations to online evaluations for our Clinical Laboratory Sciences (CLS) program which had yet to changeover. 

After meeting with the CLS program director, it was decided to implement online course evaluations to CLS students, so as to allow for more efficient data collection and better organized analytics. To ensure higher rates of student participation, a well-defined plan was discussed with the program director. Class announcements were made by instructors to ensure that students are aware of this opportunity to provide feedback, which can, in turn, impact their current learning experience. E-mails were also sent to encourage participation prior to the closing of each course’s evaluation.

Based on the amount of course evaluations needed to be completed, embracing a system of online course evaluations has its benefits. Online evaluations can be cost-effective, while also allowing the Office of Assessment to focus on managing important analytics from a digital perspective. Furthermore, continuing to introduce forward-thinking ideas of assessment will also contribute to the ongoing efforts of improving the “culture of assessment” in the college. 


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