Google Hiring More People Without College Degrees

Business Insider recently published an article that discusses the increasing amount of hires at Google who have not earned college degrees.  The majority of employees have graduated from college but this number is decreasing.  Google has found that high GPAs and strong college transcripts do not guarantee success in the workplace.  The ability to creatively consider problems and arrive at novel solutions is considered most important.  It is noted, however that a college degree is still important in order to acquire advanced skills and receive better pay.

Administrators in higher education are continuously looking for better ways to gauge how well a student will perform in a particular program.  A student’s SAT scores, GPA, and high school transcript are just a few of the factors that are taken into account.  The Assessment office in the College of Pharmacy at St. John’s University routinely collects and analyzes data to achieve a better understanding of how these elements impact student learning.  There is a pressing concern that some pieces are not being examined when considering a student’s eligibility for admission.  It may be necessary to begin examining factors like non-traditional data or program specific criteria.  It seems that the only way to determine what works best is to look at the current population and determine if new factors need to be taken into account.  The idea of taking different approaches into account  in this area is something that is currently being looked at on our end, and an idea that other assessment professionals should also be considering.


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