Bachelor’s Degree Makeover?

Jeffrey Selingo has published an interesting article on The Chronicle of Higher Education’s site, regarding the bachelor’s degree and his opinion of a proposed makeover. The general point of the article is that institutions of higher education should offer bachelor’s degrees that meet both students’ aspirations and needs at the same time. As the economy shifts and changes (or remains stagnant), the article proposes that the bachelor’s degree be reworked somehow. One interesting example given, is from Stanford University.

Selingo describes:

Dubbed the “open loop” university, this plan would admit students at 18 but give them six years of access to residential learning opportunities, to use anytime in their life. Such a path through college could shift our deep-rooted cultural belief that college is something young people do, and would make alternative pathways, such as gap years and low-residency colleges, more acceptable to those students who wouldn’t benefit from the typical campus experience.

We always need to look for ways to be ahead of the curve in higher education. Whether this relates to distance learning, study abroad, assessment technology and techniques, or general change to degrees and programs, it is essential for all higher education professionals to look for the writing on the wall, and make change when necessary. I agree that an examination of the bachelor’s degree is required. Figuring our where and what to reorganize, is where the true work begins.


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