Self-Study Open Forums

The College is currently in the middle of a series of self-study open forums, organized by the steering committee for PharmD accreditation. These open forums are geared toward all stakeholders and are organized by individual standing committees of the college. At our first meeting, both the Committee on Assessment and Outcomes and the Committee on Mission, Planning, Evaluation; Organization and Administration presented their gap analyses, complete with each committee’s views regarding whether or not particular standards are currently being met. This Wednesday 9/24, the Curriculum Committee, Student Affairs Committee and Committee on Internal and External Facilities will all be presenting.

These sessions are open to all stakeholders, including faculty, students, alumni, administrators and preceptors. As we move further into our self-study process and get deeper into the planning stages, these forums serve as our stakeholders’ first opportunities to really become involved and have their voices heard. Self-study is an essential and important time for our PharmD program and college. If you are a student, faculty, preceptor or administrator, feel free to come to these meetings to make sure you are as connected to the process as possible.


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