PharmD Self-Study Update 2/24

The self-study process for the College of Pharmacy is in full-swing!  The Steering Committee will be meeting throughout the Spring semester. Individual committees are continuing to compile their documentation and write their individual narratives to be used in the creation of the self-study report.  A representative from each committee has been assigned a specific meeting where they will present their report. The Committee on Internal and External Facilities, the Committee on Assessment and Outcomes, the Committee on Faculty Affairs, and the Committee on Library and Learning Resources have recently presented.

A luncheon was held in December with a group of invited students to share their input in the self-study process.  There was a large turnout with approximately 35 PharmD students in attendance.  The students provided a great deal of useful feedback that will be distributed to the Steering Committee.  This information will be used in the self-study process as including all stakeholders is a priority.


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