Spring ’15 Assessment Workshop

The Office of Assessment held its Assessment Workshop for Class of 2016 Physician Assistant students at the Bartilucci Center on April 27th, 2015. A Pre-Assessment Workshop Survey showed that 50% of students were aware of the assessment process and that 66% of students are willing to participate in assessment. A total 17% of students were aware the College had an Office of Assessment. Dr. Marc Gillespie introduced the audience to assessment & its structure within the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, examples of assessment within their program, and the importance of stakeholder involvement. Students were encouraged to take part in the assessment process, not only during their time here at St. John’s University, but also, as alumni following graduation. It was stressed that student feedback aids in identifying meaningful issues that require attention, which can influence their current instruction, as well as, mold the program for future cohorts.

Following the Assessment Workshop, a Post-Assessment Workshop Survey was administered and received a 32% response rate, an increase from the 9% response rate yielded in the Pre-Assessment Workshop Survey. Compared to the previous responses, 77% percent are now aware of the assessment process in the college following the Assessment Workshop whereas 68% are now willing to participate in assessment. 82% of students are now aware of the College’s Office of Assessment.

Student feedback suggested holding the workshop earlier in the year. The Office of Assessment is now scheduled to present its Assessment Workshop for the incoming cohort at the Fall 2015 PA didactic orientation. Student feedback also demonstrated their interest in the assessment process, as they are more interested in staying informed as to purposes behind surveys, as well as, any changes that may have occurred as a result of their survey responses and feedback. Student feedback remains an invaluable resource and we will continue to count on their participation to help shape the success of the College’s programs.


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