PharmD Self-Study Update 8/31

It has been a very busy summer for the Steering Committee and the chairs of the self-study.  There have been several meetings since the Spring semester, and a great deal of progress has been made with the self-study report.  The chairs of individual committees completed their narratives and presented them to the Steering Committee so additional edits could be made.  A major challenge was cutting down the narratives to fit within the 10,000 character limit.  A checklist was recently compiled that highlights outstanding items that must be collected. The remaining documentation has been organized and anything outstanding has been accounted for.  All information is continuously being updated in the online AAMS system.  The chairs of the Steering Committee are currently making the final edits of the self-study report. There is a Faculty Council meeting scheduled for October where the full report will be presented and faculty will have the opportunity to offer suggestions.  A forum will also take place in September where students are encouraged to participate.  The goal is to include all stakeholders in this process.  A mock site visit is scheduled for December so potential issues can be identified and corrected prior to the official site visit in April.


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