Spring 2016 PharmD Self-Study Update

The ACPE site visit for the PharmD program is quickly approaching.  A site team will visit the college and meet with all stakeholders including students, faculty, administrators, and preceptors between April 5th and April 7th.  The schedule of meetings for these days will be finalized in the next week.  These meetings will provide ACPE with information regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the program along with how shortcomings are being addressed.  A mock site visit took place in January, which served as a useful way to prepare for the upcoming visit, allowing all stakeholders to become familiar with the process. All participants of the self-study process had the opportunity to ask questions of the mock site-team member and become acquainted with how the actual visit will unfold. The written self-study report is in the final stages of editing and has been submitted to the University administration for review. The Steering Committee will soon review the document prior to its final submission to ACPE in March, ahead of the visit.


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