Examsoft: Strength & Opportunity Reports

Compared to traditional paper testing, Examsoft offers an engaging resource for faculty to share assessment information with students following exams. Feedback received from students via the Examsoft Experience Survey (disseminated by the Office of Assessment) after the Fall 2015 semester demonstrated that 78% of respondents from the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences were interested in receiving more individualized reports on their performance. Use of the Strength & Opportunity Report can impact student learning as it provides exam takers with a visual aid to identify areas of strength and areas of concern following an assessment.  Reviewing the Strength & Opportunity Report can help a student prioritize studying as they can gauge their performance broken down by category.                EXAMSOFT_S+O_Report

Faculty in the College has the option to share the Strength & Opportunity Report with every student in the course by posting it directly to their Examsoft Portals after each assessment. Others have also used it during one-on-one student meetings to offer other strategies for improvement. Resources, such as the Strength & Opportunity Report, are encouraged as it enhances student engagement and can help meet the ultimate goal of improving student performance.


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