Fall 2016: SofTest Version 12

Examsoft announced its first official, non-beta release of SofTest Version 12 (v12) this past month. All St. John’s University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Examsoft student users can expect to use this new version during the fall 2016 semester. SofTest v12 will be available for installation August 8th. As a student, if you are unsure whether your course will be utilizing Softest, please contact your instructor for confirmation. Resources on SofTest v12 use are now available at the Examsoft University site (click here to view). The minimum system requirements to use Softest v12 are listed here.

SofTest v12 contains a variety of improvements. Its interface has been updated with a simpler, more modern layout. Windows and Mac machines’ have a more consistent layout and each includes improved word-processor options for essay questions.  Based on student feedback, Examsoft is offering more features during exam administrations and exam reviews. Exam reviews will now allow exam takers to review their notes (written during the exam) at the time of the review. Exam Takers can also view which text was highlighted and which questions they flagged (during the exam’s administration) at the time of the review. The ability to cross out answer choices, highlight in different colors, and view Quick References Guides directly from the SofTest application is another improvement. Other features in SofTest v12, such as zooming in/out on a question stem, suspending an exam, or use of a download password will be released by the end of 2016.

Exam Takers within the St. John’s University College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences will receive communication from the Office of Assessment’s Ms. Carla Hernandez in early August with instructions on how to install SofTest v12 and other pertinent information for its use in the upcoming fall semester. SofTest version 11 will no longer be supported as of September 8th, 2016 and exam takers will be expected to uninstall the application from their machines.

Following the release of SofTest v12, Examsoft also anticipates an update to the Examsoft Online Portal in 2017. Faculty and administrators will be alerted once more information is available.



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