Examsoft User Development Initiative

As Examsoft use has continued to expand each semester at the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, the Office of Assessment launched the Examsoft User Development Initiative (ESUDI) during the Summer of 2016 based upon a recommendation from Dean Digate. The goal of the ESUDI is to provide hands-on faculty training workshops, as well as, other resources to ensure all users (new and returning) within the College are confident in Examsoft use. We aim to provide basic tutorials on how to use the Examsoft Portal and in-depth discussions with faculty (of all disciplines) on how they can utilize the reporting features to better track student learning outcomes and further engage their students throughout the semester.

The first ESUDI session was held June 28th, 2016. The session was well received and the Office of Assessment followed this up with a second summer session on August 18th, 2016. We will continue offering monthly workshops discussing different topics during the Fall 2016 semester available to all Examsoft Faculty users in the College. Future topics to be discussed will include Examsoft’s Reporting Tools; SofTest: The Student’s Perspective; Strategies for Team Taught Courses; Tracking Student Performance & Learning Outcomes via Categories; and many more workshop tailored to faculty’s needs here at the College.

The Office of Assessment will also be utilizing Blackboard tools to provide faculty with other interactive resources. Further communication will be provided once ready for faculty use.

Examsoft faculty users can expect their invitations to the Fall 2016 workshops shortly with specific time/location information. We hope to see you all there!


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