Examsoft’s Assessment Conference 2017

The Assessment Team just got back from Denver, Colorado after taking part in Examsoft’s Assessment Conference 2017. The conference included an opportunity for us to present on a recent interprofessional education (IPE) project. On top of that, we also had the chance to hear from fellow universities and learn more about the upcoming release of Examsoft products.


On behalf of the Assessment Team, Carla Hernandez, Anthony Marziliano, and Dr. Marc Gillespie presented “Identifying Interprofessional Education Opportunities (IPE) Using ExamSoft Categories that Bridge Goals and Outcomes of Healthcare Programs”.  In an effort to summarize our project, interprofessional education is when students from two or more professions learn about, from, and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes (World Health Organization, 2010). Earlier this year we began reviewing national exam blueprints from each of the College’s professional programs to identify overlapping content areas between them. We were seeking to identify content areas across all programs that are targets for IPE. Along with the expertise of our program directors and mind-mapping software, we were able to refine and ultimately identify 21 content areas ideal for IPE.


Pairing this analysis with Examsoft’s ability to categorize test items & run longitudinal analyses, we are able to assess the effectiveness of IPE activities administered through the platform. As for next steps, the Assessment Team met with the College’s IPE Committee, IPE Director, and other faculty to present our findings. We look forward to continuing discussions with key stakeholders on how we can contribute to the College’s continued efforts of expanding IPE development & assessment.

Overall, Examsoft’s Assessment Conference 2017 was well worth the trip- an invitation to share our analysis, participate in engaging sessions, and the chance to network with fellow assessment folks. We look forward to next year’s conference. #Assess2017


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