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Outcomes Assessment

As a follow-up to the prior post, here’s another interesting article on Outcomes Assessment. Acceptance, as we know, is key. This article speaks to that, as well as the specific types of assessment that are needed to begin to see progress.




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Learning and Value

Check out this interesting article regarding President Obama’s renewed plan for holding colleges and universities accountable. Assessment continues to grow. Here’s an excerpt:

“Learning becomes cumulative when the faculty (a collective noun) acts collectively to ensure that all coursework and majors share, reinforce and appropriately assess higher learning, a process that intentionally progresses each year in complexity, adequacy, and sophistication.”

Read more: http://www.insidehighered.com/views/2013/08/27/obamas-value-plan-leaves-out-student-learning-essay#ixzz2dT21iOqe 

Inside Higher Ed 


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