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Mobile Survey Lab

The College recently purchased several Nexus 7 tablets for the Office of Assessment to use for survey and assessment purposes in a newly created Mobile Survey Lab. We rolled out the tablets this week for two separate surveys: a satisfaction survey for the ‘Finals Grab & Go Breakfast’ and a survey on the utilization of professional development funds of graduating seniors, during cap and gown distribution. The tablets are being set up to loop to the start of a new survey once a student completes one, allowing students to take the survey on a rolling basis. During the breakfast, students stopped at our Mobile Survey Lab table as they exited, to complete the satisfaction questionnaire:


During the funding survey administered at cap and gown distribution, students passed the tablets around as they waited to be called up. This instantaneous survey method allowed for real-time, instant results, and is already proving to be a useful tool for increasing our survey response rates greatly. We were able to achieve an 83% response rate on the funding survey, as 276/332 graduating seniors completed the survey on tablets in person. We are looking forward to using these tablets in new and innovative ways for surveys and other assessment related tasks. This is just another way that assessment is allowing us to push into new areas and affect positive change. Look for us at the ‘Finals Grab & Go Breakfast’ for the rest of finals week, as we continue to collect data, and give our students an opportunity to provide valuable feedback.


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Assessment Perspectives from the 2014 NMC Horizon Report

ImageThe New Media Consortium (NMC), a group of leading universities, colleges, museums, and research centers, has recently published the “The NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Higher Education Edition”, a collaborative effort between the NMC and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI). This report is a readable blend of higher education trends and predictions of the impact that those trends will have on higher education institutions.

The really nice part of this package, unsurprisingly since we are covering it here, is the tip of the hat to assessments role in mining new troves of data that new modes of education are producing. We have seen this trend noted elsewhere as well as on this blog here, where we covered MIT’s approach to using usage data for the assessment of MOOCs.

In a chapter entitled “Rise of Data-Driven Learning and Assessment”, the report touches on the sensitivity of personal data, the possible use of this data to drive adaptive response, and the value of this data for assessing learning.

You can get get a pdf copy of the report here, or go to the NMC site, here to learn more.

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