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2017 Examsoft Assessment Conference

The Office of Assessment is proud to announce that we have been invited to deliver a 1-hour presentation titled, “Identifying Interprofessional Education Opportunities (IPE) Using ExamSoft Categories that Bridge Goals and Outcomes of Healthcare Programs” at the 2017 Examsoft Assessment Conference (EAC) in Denver, Colorado this June. For more information about the EAC sessions, please visit their site here. The College of Pharmacy and Health Science’s Assessment Team looks forward to connecting with colleagues from other universities nation-wide to discuss how their assessment efforts drive change at their institutions.


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Students & Softest: “How do I prepare for exam day?”

Whether students are sitting for their first exam via SofTest or they’ve been using it for multiple semesters, understanding exam day protocol is key to having a smooth exam (and not adding to those exam day jitters). SofTest is an Examsoft application used by the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences to administer computer-based assessments. To promote consistency across students of all programs, the Office of Assessment has outlined the College’s Softest exam-day process:

What should you do prior to exam day? Ask yourself the following questions:

“Is my laptop in good shape?” As a student, it is up to you to ensure your laptop is in proper working order and meets SofTest minimum system requirements- click here for specifics. If your laptop is having technical problems prior to using SofTest, it may not be fit for exam day use. Alert your professor immediately if this is the case. They may be able to request a loaner laptop on your behalf with sufficient notice.

“Are there any pesky computer updates I should take care of before the exam?” Ensure that all necessary updates are installed on your laptop before exam day, so that there’s no delaying the start of your exam.

“Is my exam available for download before exam day?” Professors tend to make exam files available for download sometime before exam day, so students are advised to download it at home the night before exam day. Remember that internet connectivity is required to download the exam file! Click here to learn more about downloading an exam file.

What should you do on exam day?

  1. Starting with the most obvious, bring your laptop & laptop charger on exam day. We recommend your machine be fully charged, just in case there is a temporary power outage.
  2. Anti-virus applications may effect SofTest performance during exams. When taking a secure exam, disable antivirus software(s) before taking an exam & re-enable it after exiting your exam.
  3. Put away cell phones, smart watches, notes, etc. Follow any other security protocols announced by your professor. During an exam, cell phones and any other forms of wearable technology left ‘on your person’ will not be tolerated (this includes your pocket, your shoes, etc.) – place them away from your desk.
  4. Open SofTest, click ‘Take an Exam’ and select today’s exam. Await instruction from the proctor to enter the Assessment Password and start the exam once you get permission. Good luck!
  5. Once you finish your exam and exit Softest, you must show evidence of the green ‘Congratulations’ screen to a proctor before leaving the exam room. This is a crucial step.

As an exam taker, is there anything else I should know?

  • Once in a blue moon during an exam, your SofTest may freeze or experience a technical issue. First step: remain calm. If your computer is unresponsive for more than two minutes, please alert your professor by raising your hand using two fingers. Most computer freezes usually just require a hard reset (hold power button down until laptop shuts off and then turn it back on). SofTest will automatically open up & you’ll continue right where you left off. No need to worry about losing your answers because SofTest saves them every 60 seconds. If you have any concerns about the issue you experienced mid-exam, contact Examsoft Tech Support after your exam to have the SofTest issue further investigated.
  • Your answer file has not been received by your professor unless you both see the green ‘congratulations’ screen. If your laptop has trouble reaching it, first check your internet connectivity. Many times your laptop has not yet reconnected to wi-fi and you simply need to try uploading your answer file again once it connects.
  • Lastly, it is best to contact Examsoft’s Tech Support if you ever have any issues using SofTest. Their team is best suited to troubleshoot the issue and provide you with a solution quickly. They can be reached at 1-866-429-8889.

Providing our students with the resources to feel confident taking computer-based exams is a top priority. Stay tuned for the Office of Assessment’s End-of-Semester Examsoft /SofTest Survey and provide the College with your feedback and suggestions.

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