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Culture of Assessment: Are We There Yet?

The Assessment Team in the College recently attended the 2013 Assessment Institute in Indianapolis, and presented a poster on the ongoing development of a culture of assessment. The poster, ‘Culture of Assessment – Are We There Yet?’ is published here:

Culture of Assessment: Are We There Yet?

One of the major take-home messages that we brought back from this meeting, is that there is a common struggle for transparency in assessment, specifically with student stakeholders. We have noted this in the past, and hope that this blog, along with our social media sites, will continue to take us closer and closer toward this goal. We want all of our stakeholders to feel informed, and always in the loop.


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Wall Street Journal Gives MOOCs A Preliminary Grade

WIth all of the eLearning hype out there, the Wall Street Journal has been a voice of calm, often publishing balanced articles covering the different aspects of eLearning. They continued this here in an early take on how MOOCs are doing. The nice thing about this article is the embedded graphics that provide a nice snapshot of what is happening to the students who register for these courses. Much like the eLearning assessment article that we described previously, this article examines what happens to students as they register and try out a course, as well as ultimate passing rates.

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NAPLEX Blueprint

As many of us are aware, NABP has published a NAPLEX Blueprint that details competency statements for the NAPLEX exam. This blueprint provides detailed statements related to each of the three areas on the exam. If you haven’t yet, feel free to check out the link below to familiarize yourself with this information. Faculty, students and administrators should all have a working knowledge of the topics covered on the NAPLEX examination, and the expectations set forth for an entry-level pharmacist.


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